Proust Between Two Centuries - Antoine Compagnon - Bøger - Columbia University Press - 9780231072649 - 18. november 1992

Proust Between Two Centuries

Antoine Compagnon

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Proust Between Two Centuries

This book explores the formative period when Scotland acquired the characteristics that enabled it to enter fully into the comity of medieval Christendom. These included a monarchy of a recognizably continental type, a feudal organisation of aristocratic landholding and military service, national boundaries, and a body of settled law and custom.

320 pages

Medie Bøger     Hardcover bog   (Bog med hård ryg og stift omslag)
Udgivet USA, 18. november 1992
ISBN13 9780231072649
Forlag Columbia University Press
Antal sider 311
Mål 157 × 236 × 26 mm   ·   646 g
Oversætter Goodkin, Richard

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