Royal Marines 1955?1957: a National Service Adventure - Robert Lofthouse - Bøger - iUniverse, Inc. - 9780595435890 - 3. april 2007

Royal Marines 1955?1957: a National Service Adventure

Robert Lofthouse

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Royal Marines 1955?1957: a National Service Adventure

We were scared, to say the least, but the next thing that happened almost made us mess our pants! As we were passing in-between the cruisers, they broadsided and the noise nearly blew our eardrums out. It was unbelievable stuff. As they fired these broadsides the recoil of their huge guns lifted the cruisers about ten metres back. What a fright! I looked at Jimmy Shade and he looked at me-we were both as white as sheets. Is this real or is it a nightmare? Still, the assault crafts kept on going. We could see just over the craft's side and saw the beach huts that were all now on fire, some even exploding. This is a fast-paced first-hand account of the experiences of a young Royal Marine who fought in the battle for the liberation of the Suez Canal, and describes the heart-warming camaraderie that bound together national servicemen and officers alike. The book is dedicated to all those who died serving their country during the years 1955 to 1957. Reading this true-life adventure of comrades in arms, of self-sacrifice, chilling encounters with death and heroic exploits, one can have no doubt that Marine Lofthouse 132049 is one of those who constitute the salt of the earth, to whom we in the free world owe a profound debt.-Charles Muller, Diadem Books

Medie Bøger     Paperback Bog   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Udgivet 3. april 2007
ISBN13 9780595435890
Forlag iUniverse, Inc.
Antal sider 116
Mål 225 × 7 × 150 mm   ·   185 g
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