Pondering Life - Dr Jim Sheedy - Bøger - Doctor Ergo - 9780615544120 - 6. maj 2012

Pondering Life

Dr Jim Sheedy

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Pondering Life

Have you ever just wondered about life? What is Life? Is there God? How do we fit into the universe? What is our relationship with other living things? What does it mean to be human? Doctor Ergo provides you with a firm background and vantage point from which to view those questions. You will gain a comprehensive perspective on Life and the human condition ? from the Big Bang, through Life history on this planet, to the current condition of our human mind and species, and some solid thoughts on what Life?.is. This is a Story of Life. In a Darwinian world, our mental capacity has enabled us to ascend to the pinnacle of the survival pyramid. Therefore, the essence of the story about our species centers on our mind. Our cognitive skills are built upon the neural architectures that originally developed for vision and for speech/hearing. We can be aware of the 2 sides of our mind through introspection of our own consciousness: ? Vision based - non-verbal emotions, feelings and intuitions coming from our vision-based cognition in our Right Brain. ? Speech based - words, thoughts, and reasoning coming from our speech-based cognition in our Left Brain. Vision developed quickly in the Cambrian Period (570 million years ago) when the earliest animals with body forms emerged. Vision enabled the animal to see the ?world?, and gave the animal a sense of ?self?, i.e. that which was viewing the world. Consequently the concepts of ?world? and ?self? are deeply embedded in the cognition that developed from the vision neurological architecture. Likewise, Darwinian survival necessitated identification of same-species animals (for protection and reproduction); hence the concept of ?group? is also deeply embedded in the vision-based neurology. Our speech-based left brain has no equal anywhere else in Life on this planet. This is what has made possible the major advances of the human mind, separated us from the animals, and enabled us to conquer the planet. This Sensory Mind model clarifies Plato?s writings and the psychological models that were developed by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. The personality types tested by Myers-Briggs, which are based on the theories of Carl Jung, are consistent with the Sensory Mind. Major trends in human history have been about the growth of our collective left brain in the governance of human affairs and its interplay with our vision-based (non-verbal) right mind. Our human ?advances? have largely resulted from development of our speech-based mind, but the essence and truth of life comes to us from our vision-based mind. Our earliest groupings and civilizations were largely governed by vision-based animal grouping models. These have evolved into newer civilizations and human groupings that include participation and/or leadership of our left brain ?group-think?. We are very familiar with the concept of Darwinian survival and its role in the evolution of Life. However, Darwinian survival is simply the strategy or tactic that governs the advancement of Life. What is it that drives Life to engage in the Darwinian struggle for survival? There IS a Life Drive that fuels evolution?what is it? The Life Drive permeates all of life and is the force that drives Darwinian evolution. It is theorized that Life is a previously unidentified parameter in Einstein?s Theory of Relativity and that it exists at the conditions opposite to the Big Bang conditions. Most religious and belief systems, whether god-based such as Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, or spiritually-based such as Buddhism or Taoism, are oriented towards the ultimate truth that is Life.

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Udgivet 6. maj 2012
ISBN13 9780615544120
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