Live on Purpose Mastery Class - Mr Hank Van Der Merwe - Bøger - Gartone Press - 9780620615013 - 31. oktober 2014
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Live on Purpose Mastery Class 1. udgave

Mr Hank Van Der Merwe

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Live on Purpose Mastery Class 1. udgave

The journey to self-mastery begins with a feeling of dissatisfaction with the status quo. You become aware that where you are is not where you want to be. This awareness can be triggered by a significant event, an inspirational seminar, being challenged by a coach, mentor or by reading a book that questions your current thinking. After awareness comes reflection. You chew on it for a bit and compare where you are to where you want to be. Pretty soon you are more open to the possibilities that this new knowledge or truth brings with it. What was once impossible for you might actually be possible after all, especially if other people have done it. Reflecting leads to the third step which is an ?aha? moment or illumination. You start to see things differently and there is a new sense of hope. The fourth step is motivation. At this point you are ready to give it a go and implement what you?ve learned. The ideas are flowing, you?re excited and feeling optimistic. You may feel inspired to invest in some new project and make some drastic decisions. This is where I want to caution you. Success is not easy, it takes hard work and dedication and not everyone will follow through. To have what successful people have you will need to do what successful people do. Their reasons for doing what they did to become a success and their skill set might not be the same as yours. There is much work to do. Motivation on its own is not enough. If you don?t have the competence or ability to achieve your objectives there will be a gap between what you can do and what you must do. Once you are aware of this gap, you may get disillusioned and potentially give up. Sadly for most people, this is where it ends. They are destined to keep repeating this program, comfortable in the slipstream of the system. Success requires a fifth step...action! It?s the step that separates the best from the rest. It requires knowing exactly what you want and why you want it and then committing to doing whatever it takes to get it. It means pressing on when others are not prepared to. I will present you with ideas, concepts and researched best practices to create awareness. Then I?m going to challenge you to go from awareness to reflection and from ?aha? to action in the quickest possible time. And lastly I?m going to encourage you to capture your ideas and action points with a Mastery Class Activity after each session to make sure the lesson sticks and improve your probability of following through! There are four ways to engage in the Live on Purpose System. 1. Read the book and capture your responses using a blank note pad or, 2. Contact us for your FREE personal Mastery Class Journal which was custom designed to be used with the book. 3. Enrol in a Live on Purpose - Mastery Class Coaching Program for personalized one-on-one coaching 4. Attend our Live on Purpose - Mastery Class Event Live on Purpose is built on a simple theme, Find out why you do what you do, and then follow the step-by-step guide to change your programming to work for you instead of against you. If you can come up with the ?why?? then this book will help you with the ?how?? ?I?m a big fan of Hank van der Merwe and his book Live on Purpose - Mastery Class. Somebody told me recently that you should be yourself because everyone else is taken.?I think Hank has a wonderful formula for helping you be yourself and for recognizing those aspects of your life that hold you back - as well as what you need to do to be your best. Read this book and become the you that you want to be.? Ken Blanchard - Co-author, The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level ?Hank delivers a powerful message. An outstanding speaker, coach and consultant, he lives the message he gives. No matter what your circumstances are, after working with Hank you will leave feeling smarter, more capable and more excited about your work, your live, and your possibilities.? Jesse Lyn Stoner - Best selling author of Full Steam Ahead

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Udgivet 31. oktober 2014
ISBN13 9780620615013
Forlag Gartone Press
Antal sider 142
Mål 8 × 156 × 234 mm   ·   149 g
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