Robin Tremayne (Esprios Classics) - Emily Sarah Holt - Bøger - Blurb - 9781006036828 - 14. februar 2023

Robin Tremayne (Esprios Classics)

Emily Sarah Holt

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Forventes klar til forsendelse 18. - 26. apr.

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Robin Tremayne (Esprios Classics)

Emily Sarah Holt (1836-1893) was an English novelist. She was born at Stubbylee, Bacup, in Lancashire, 25 April 1836. It is said she was educated at Oxford. In late 1893 when at Harrogate, she became ill and went to her brother in Balham (London), where she died on Christmas Day. She was buried in the Church of St Saviour's, Bacup, where there is a memorial. Holt had written over fifty books, mainly for children. Most of Holt's work can be classified as historical novels (52 are listed in the BML catalogue). Holt's work has a Protestant religious theme.

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Udgivet 14. februar 2023
ISBN13 9781006036828
Forlag Blurb
Antal sider 334
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