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Operation Stagecoach Red

J T Fitzgerald

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Operation Stagecoach Red

How close did the Uniyed States come to winning the Vietnam war. According to J. T. Fitzgerald's thriller Operation Stagecoah Red, the US was a heart beat away from winning this tragic war in 1969. Author J. T. Fitzgerald former Green Beret and CIA operative served 32 months in Vietnam and was aware of many of the covert operations that were conducted during the war. His second book Traitor in White Laces and his final book in the triology Alpha Blue Eagle are now avaulable on amazon.com. The Vietnam War, the longest(over 12 years) and one of the most costliest with loss of over 58,000 American lives Author J. T. Fitzgerald is convinced that once you have read all 3 of his books, Operation Stagecoach Red, Traitor in White Laces and Alpha Blue Eagle you will have a better understanding of why we lost the war in Vietnam

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Udgivet 15. juli 2008
ISBN13 9781439203064
Forlag Booksurge Publishing
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