Ptsd a Self-help Survival Guide - Stuart Welbourn - Bøger - - 9781447738725 - 5. juli 2011

Ptsd a Self-help Survival Guide

Stuart Welbourn

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Ptsd a Self-help Survival Guide

Stuart Welbourn worked as a Psychotherapist for 13 years after being medically discharged from the Royal Navy. In this book Stuart provides concise information on Ptsd & various therapies which may be effective in its treatment. He includes a relaxation script created especially for this edition, & a guide to E. F. T. for the reader to use in the comfort of their own home, if they should choose to do so. There is also a Bonus section of 10 tips to improve your overall wellbeing, which are worth the price of the book alone. "Stuart has accomplished a feat which no other could; he has written a book geared for the most macho of military men, right down to us civvies. The use of humour keeps the reader from being overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings. Stuart reminds you that you are neither 'broken nor damaged', because you have either experienced, witnessed, or both, some traumatic experience. He reassures you, life does get easier & you can manage and lessen the symptoms of your Ptsd." Maureen Scott

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Udgivet 5. juli 2011
ISBN13 9781447738725
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