New Word Volume 2: Take It As I Predict (Orate) It - Lela Kakulia - Bøger - Trafford Publishing - 9781466969155 - 22. januar 2013
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New Word Volume 2: Take It As I Predict (Orate) It

Lela Kakulia

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New Word Volume 2: Take It As I Predict (Orate) It

Publisher Marketing: Hereinafter is my book "New word" - the work unique by its contents and in essence. This is a book of prediction. Years beforehand, I described all those necessary expected political events or natural phenomenon related to the whole world. Most of them have already precisley come true, some of them are now being fulfilled and the rest will come true in future. This is a live cosmic information, new word, that I, Georgian prophet Lela Kakulia, pronounce by God's will. I was sent to the earth in order to let countries, states, particular politicians or humankind in general know their future. By this means cosmos gave a chance to the universe to soften destined blows and avoid destruction. I predict all my life, from birth, and will predict till I am on the earth. A prophet is sent by cosmos once in few centuries - when the earth faces a special danger, when it is on the edge of the existence. I, Gerogian prophet, am sent with the mission to save the world. I bring enormous, proteceting energy for people and contries and hand it out with no regret. I often drawcosmis information and my drawings are the source of collosal energy, that full people with hope and peace. This is the book that would live for ages and give answer to people's any question. No one on earth owns such information - neither particular individual nor analytical centres. My prediction has no analogue and thus is unique. With respect and love, Georgian prophet Lela Kakulia.

Medie Bøger     Paperback Bog   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Udgivet 22. januar 2013
ISBN13 9781466969155
Forlag Trafford Publishing
Genre New Age Litteratur
Antal sider 332
Mål 216 × 279 × 22 mm   ·   771 g

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