The Elementary School Guidance Counselor's Bible - Charlene E Chapman - Bøger - Createspace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781523879069 - 16. februar 2016

The Elementary School Guidance Counselor's Bible

Charlene E Chapman

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The Elementary School Guidance Counselor's Bible

Finally! A survival manual for today's multi-tasking elementary guidance counselor. Forty-five detailed group guidance lesson plans for grades 1-5 are written in an easy to follow format. Lasting 30-45 minutes, lessons include songs, rhymes, stories, games, art activities and more. Age appropriate language and activities are designed to enhance the presentation of important topics such as Get Ready for School, Home Alone, Red Ribbon/Drug Free, Bully Free School, Good Touch/Bad Touch, Eating Healthy, Good Manners, Respect Yourself & Others and Careers. Lesson plans may be re-used year after year, repeating important messages without repeating content. Students learn positive character traits and important safety issues. Building a healthy, positive school environment is possible! Suitable for large, small or individual guidance sessions, The Elementary School Guidance Counselor's Bible is a comprehensive resource for educators. Valuable preparation time will be saved by following the detailed step-by-step format. Full of variety and change of pace, the material will keep your students focused and ready to learn. A portion of the profit from this manual will be donated to programs protecting women and children from human trafficking.

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Udgivet 16. februar 2016
ISBN13 9781523879069
Forlag Createspace Independent Publishing Platf
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