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Future Global Management

Angela Barnett

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Future Global Management

Executives, managers and workers in multinational corporations are very intelligent and know how to do their jobs well, yet they are missing some very crucial elements that are needed in order to accomplish a successful multinational management. A major missing element is the ability to effectively accomplish multinational business interactions one interaction at a time. Effective multinational business interactions do not happen by accident. When left to chance, the amount of defective business interactions in a multinational corporation happen by the thousands a day in every department at every level within the corporation and at every point where the corporation interacts with the outside environment. These defective interactions are significant enough to cause the entire corporation to bog down at most every level in almost every conceivable way and in many unexpected ways. Future Global Management helps executives, managers, and workers alike to accomplish effective multinational business interactions one interaction at a time, which, in turn, leads to a successful globally competitive multinational management that will help put a multinational corporation on the very leading edge of global competitiveness.

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Udgivet 1. juli 2013
ISBN13 9781523890613
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