Hattiesburg, Mississippi - Benjamin Morris - Bøger - History Press Library Editions - 9781540209054 - 18. november 2014

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Benjamin Morris

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Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Founded by William Hardy at the confluence of rivers and rail lines, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is today a capital of education, healthcare, commerce and the armed forces in the Gulf South. In this new biography of the Hub City, experience its story as you never have before. Hunt and forage alongside Native American tribes centuries before European settlement. Build a cabin with pioneer lumbermen on the edge of the forest, jostling for profit in the cavernous Piney Woods. Train with soldiers at Camp Shelby on the eve of deployment in World War II, and march alongside civil rights activists during Freedom Summer in 1964. In this narrative history, author and Hattiesburg native Benjamin Morris offers a captivating account of the Hub City from its prehistory to the present day, from its darkest hours to its brightest futures.

Medie Bøger     Hardcover bog   (Bog med hård ryg og stift omslag)
Udgivet 18. november 2014
ISBN13 9781540209054
Forlag History Press Library Editions
Antal sider 290
Mål 152 × 229 × 18 mm   ·   557 g
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