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Schoodic Point

Allen K Workman

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Schoodic Point

Schoodic Point, the nearly three and a half square miles of Acadia National Park on the mainland, seems almost timeless and unchanging. The elemental beauty of this land has remained unspoiled only through a serendipitous mixture of effort and coincidence. Schoodic Point outpost actually began with the slow, steady development and settlement of heavy logging, farming, herding and fish processing. People and industries gradually abandoned the Point, and it nearly fell victim to extensive coastal cottage and resort development in the late 1800s. By several twists of fate, the land became preserved and integrated into Mount Desert Island's Acadia Park, which would soon be reshaped by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and the U. S. Navy. Join author Allen Workman as he charts a course through Schoodic Point's evolution, ecology, challenges and preservation.

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Udgivet 29. april 2014
ISBN13 9781540210456
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