The Marion Popcorn Festival - Michelle Rotuno-Johnson - Bøger - History Press Library Editions - 9781540211354 - 26. august 2014

The Marion Popcorn Festival

Michelle Rotuno-Johnson

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The Marion Popcorn Festival

In 1981, a small group of local business leaders put Marion, Ohio, on the path to hosting the largest popcorn festival on the planet. Founded in part to honor the achievements of Marion-based Wyandot, Incorporated, once the world's largest popcorn exporter, the Marion Popcorn Festival celebrates the city's dynamic industrial past. Free and open to the public for more than three decades, the festival attracts hundreds of thousands of fans for three days of popcorn, pageantry and fun. Drawing on the memories of founders and longtime volunteers, author Michelle Rotuno-Johnson brings us the festival from seed to snack in this all-encompassing work.

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Udgivet 26. august 2014
ISBN13 9781540211354
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