Berdine & Snodgrass - Tom Lowe - Bøger - Robertson Publishing - 9781611702927 - 28. november 2019

Berdine & Snodgrass

Tom Lowe

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Berdine & Snodgrass

The Berdine and Snodgrass Families Bona Fide American Pioneers

Author and genealogist Tom Lowe traces his maternal side of the family in this book, with his roots originating in northern and western Europe, and Iroquois American Indian roots originating along the New York-Pennsylvania border.

This book is a detailed account of Tom's ancestors' settlement of America beginning in the 17th Century, who first settled along the Eastern Seaboard, eventually winding up in the foothills and mountains of West Virginia and Southwest Pennsylvania. A retired high school history teacher and still active historian, Lowe incorporates historical detail into the biographies of his pioneering and salt-of-the-earth ancestors. Contained in these pages are stories of New Sweden, Revolutionary War soldiers, Seneca Indians, Quaker settlers along the Delaware Valley and German settlers in German Valley, N. J., Scots-Irish farmers, log cabins, Daniel Boone, and Civil War soldiers, not to mention murderers, burglars, and other social misfits who add spice to the mix.

Medie Bøger     Hardcover bog   (Bog med hård ryg og stift omslag)
Udgivet 28. november 2019
ISBN13 9781611702927
Forlag Robertson Publishing
Antal sider 684
Mål 216 × 279 × 51 mm   ·   2,41 kg
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