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Motown Artist by Artist

Motown Artist by Artist

There is a book of quotes that was published a few years back but it did contain a number of inaccuracies. I didn't know a thing about it and didn't have the chance to say whether I'd been misquoted or misunderstood â?? I think it suits a lot of people if they can make me sound crazy or interpret what I say so it doesn't actually make any sense â?? it must make better copy or something. The quotes in this book are, however, bona fide and, where necessary, I've explained why I said what I did at particular times. There's an old saying that the apple never falls very far from the tree. I didn't fall very far from my dad's tree and there are loads of saying and comments that I remember that I've kept for myself but they make me remember my dad warmly. I hope you enjoy them, too.



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Released 31/8-2016
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