Silk & Steel - Silk & Steel - Ariana Nash - Bøger - Pippa Dacosta Author - 9781838185107 - 10. september 2020
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Silk & Steel - Silk & Steel Special Hardback edition

Ariana Nash

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Silk & Steel - Silk & Steel Special Hardback edition

A tormented dragon prince.

A captured elven assassin.

Duty demands they fight for their people but love has other plans.

Eroan, one of the last elven assassins, lives for one purpose: kill the queen.

He would have succeeded if not for her last line of defense: Prince Lysander. Now, captured and forced into the queen's harem, Eroan sees another opportunity. Why kill just the queen when he can kill them all? It would be simple, if not for the troubled and alluring dragon prince. A warrior, a killer, and something else... something Eroan finds himself inexplicably drawn to.

Trapped in a life he despises, Lysander knows his time is running out.

If the queen doesn't kill him for his failures, her enemies will. There's nothing left to live for, until an elf assassin almost kills him. A stubborn, prideful, fool of an elf who doesn't know when to quit. An elf who sparks a violent, forbidden desire in Lysander. If Lysander can't save himself, maybe he can save the elf and maybe, just maybe... one stubborn elf will be enough to bring down the queen before her reign brings death to them all.

Complete Series Reading Order:

Silk & Steel, Silk & Steel, #1

Iron & Fire, Silk & Steel, #2

Blood & Ice, Silk & Steel, #3

Also in this world:

The Black Prince

314 pages

Medie Bøger     Hardcover bog   (Bog med hård ryg og stift omslag)
Udgivet 10. september 2020
ISBN13 9781838185107
Forlag Pippa Dacosta Author
Antal sider 314
Mål 453 × 159 × 26 mm   ·   630 g
Sprog Engelsk  

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