Britain's Spiritual Inheritance - Diana Chapman - Bøger - River Publishing & Media Ltd - 9781908393234 - 23. januar 2018

Britain's Spiritual Inheritance

Diana Chapman

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Britain's Spiritual Inheritance

"A very important book ... I'm hoping its potency will be released to the nations of the world." - Bill Johnson

Britain's history is full of the stories of great men and women of God who saw Him move powerfully in their day. This is our heritage, but more than that it is a spiritual inheritance that belongs to us - and it is time to claim back what the enemy has stolen. Join the author on a journey of discovery as she tells some of the stories and explores what it means to 're-dig' the wells of revival and understand our spiritual inheritance.

Billy Kennedy:

"We are reminded of what God has done in our land; hope rises that God can do it again in our time."

Stuart Bell:

"Diana's books is immersed in the richness of past revivals. Highly recommended."

About the author

Diana Chapman is an author, teacher and speaker who has conducted extensive research into historical revivals that has resulted in two books. Based in Windsor, she is on the leadership team of River Church, Thames Valley UK.

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Udgivet 23. januar 2018
ISBN13 9781908393234
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