The 8 Keys to Successful Living - Finbarr Bassuah - Bøger - Bassuah Publishing Limited, UK - 9781916028319 - 1. februar 2019

The 8 Keys to Successful Living

Finbarr Bassuah

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The 8 Keys to Successful Living

This Success book is an absolute must-read for those individuals interested in or pursuing any kind of success in life or any endeavour. This book presents pragmatic and uncommon solutions for anyone who finds themselves in a seemingly impossible situation, in a world plagued with confusions, corruption, financial crisis, relationship issues or fierce competition at home and at work. This book reassures and demonstrates to readers that taking charge of your Mind is the only needful thing to do and how all can be well again. Instead of being comfortable or giving up and accepting society's Standard-Life Offer of a monotonous, auto-pilot-based lifestyle, this book presents another practical alternative you can explore for free. In addition, this book reveals and discusses a new Model of Leadership (PL 2019) that puts selflessness, truth, trust and shared prosperity at the core of generating organisational or group success and development. Within this book are the KEYS to empower you to successfully create and physically manifest your dreams by bridging that enormous and seemingly impossible gap that exists between your dreams and your reality. A radical yet unshakable foundation and protocols for the achievement of personal success is presented in a concise manner, making the principles easy to read and implement. On the topic of Ideas, this book shows that if an idea is revealed to you (alone), it ceases to be mysterious to you (alone). The book also talks about KEYS of wisdom that all great leaders, exceptional personalities and stars of the past have followed or applied to enable them avoid having the same fate as the numerous men and women, who throughout history have fallen prematurely and become victims of strange and unfortunate circumstances.

Medie Bøger     Paperback Bog   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Udgivet 1. februar 2019
ISBN13 9781916028319
Forlag Bassuah Publishing Limited, UK
Antal sider 214
Mål 127 × 203 × 12 mm   ·   235 g
Sprog Engelsk