FREEMASONRY in the Aquarian Age - Else Marie Post; Else Marie Post - Bøger - Books on Demand - 9788771144390 - 19. juni 2012
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FREEMASONRY in the Aquarian Age 1. udgave

Else Marie Post; Else Marie Post

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FREEMASONRY in the Aquarian Age 1. udgave

"Freemasonry in the Aquarian Age" tells us the story of the origin of Freemasonry, its purpose and its work through history and of how Masters of the Hierarchy on The Inner Planes work together with humans with the purpose of promoting the coming of God's Kingdom on Earth.

In the Aquarian Age Freemasonry will get help to restore the original mysteries. In spite of distortions, oblivion and misunderstandings Freemasonry has been capable of preserving the core of the great esoteric truths. In the coming age Freemasons will be able to educate and form themselves to become true and real servers, who have built a channel into Kingdom of God. Thus they will be able to become true Master Builders transmitting to Earth the Light, Love and Power of God's Kingdom, and the true Brotherhood of Humanity will be recognized.

Master D. K. emphasizes that education, education and education again is what can make it possible to restore the mysteries. Esoteric knowledge and meditation must be taught. That which is taught must move from symbols to meaning to significance and must support the individual person to move from the dark into the light or from unreality into reality.

The author manifests a vision of the future of Freemasonry and inspires the reader as to how the individual lodge and freemason can begin to prepare the restoration of the mysteries through education.

A Vision

Medie Bøger     Paperback Bog   (Bog med blødt omslag og limet ryg)
Specielt cover Paperback
Udgivet 19. juni 2012
ISBN13 9788771144390
Forlag Books on Demand
Genre Okkultisme
Antal sider 92
Mål 148 × 210 × 7 mm   ·   146 g
Sprog Engelsk  
Originalsprog Engelsk

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