The Dynamics of an Ideal Home - Tomilola Folahan-Adedeji - Bøger - Independently Published - 9798745824302 - 28. april 2021

The Dynamics of an Ideal Home

Tomilola Folahan-Adedeji

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The Dynamics of an Ideal Home

The purpose of God for the family is to build a spiritual relationship with mankind. A home that is beyond recreation, security, happiness or and beyond selfish, self-interest. The ideal of God home is not the same as brick and mortar. The Ideal Home is captivated by Agape love from husband to the wife, which includes the children. Marriage is an institution that was created by God on a Biblical principle. Everything is eternally significant; nothing is done without the fulfilment of God's purpose and agenda. Every single family has a special call of God upon their lives; family is a channel of God's revelation and blessing to the whole world. It is the responsibility of the family to provide spiritual, physical, security, social, emotional and economic needs of its members so that they can be empowered and useful for God. Home provides a society, if we really want to make the society a better place, charity must begin at home. Since we are the bride of Christ and Christ is the husband (Isaiah 54:5) "for your Maker is your husband - the Lord Almighty is His name." Here we see the Lord called our husband" Christ is the big picture and we are part of this big picture; He has laid a good example for us to follow. Christ's aspiration is to see an amorous home. God did not create the family to be self-serving, God created family as a vehicle to advance His kingdom. The husband relationship starts with God and then his wife and the children. The husband needs to accept the fact that his wife is different from him; she is an emotional thinker while he is a logical thinker and both need each other to survive the challenges and struggles of life. God did not create another Adam for Adam but God created Eve, a helper to complete Adam therefore an individual assignment was given from the beginning. A man should love his wife like his own body. Unconditional acceptance of your wife is not based upon her performance, it is a mandate from God; and husbands must lay good examples for their wives and their children to follow. He must teach his family and bring up the children in the way of the Lord. Children replicate what they see and observe their parents lives therefore parents should be good first mentors to their children. The Ideal Home cannot be achieved through our physical and educational efforts alone. We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. This is the key. We can only do it with the Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ. May you testify to and experience the Godly Ideal Home. That is my sincerest prayer for every reader of this book.

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Udgivet 28. april 2021
ISBN13 9798745824302
Forlag Independently Published
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