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No Excuses

Chad T Lambie

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No Excuses

Chad Lambie was born with a rare syndrome called Cleidocranial Dysplasia/Dysostosis (CCD). He has a motto of No Excuses, and to be a Swim Buddy (Navy term for someone you can count on) for anyone in need. Though he has a special burden to help people dealing with the same syndrome he has, Chad also provides motivation, and real-life success formulas for overcoming any adversity. Chad Lambie is the only person ever diagnosed with CCD to tryout and graduate from a Navy Special Warfare selection program. He spent six years in the Naval Special Warfare community as a Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewmen (SWCC). Through this arduous training and lifestyle he was able to forge life lessons in integrity, organization, and mental toughness to name a few. He hopes to give back the knowledge he has gained. He is sure you will enjoy this book, and you will find many of the lessons he learned in his life to be helpful in your own life. This is a book that tells you the story of a child who was never meant to do much in life because he was born with a complicated syndrome. He was never meant to become a runner. He was never meant to become a baseball player. He was never meant to become a wrestler. He was most definitely never meant to become a member in the Naval Special Warfare. And yet. And yet, he did. This is the story of a boy who learned from day one that he could do it. He just had to work much harder than his peers. This is a story of inner strength, of perseverance, of determination. This is a story of pride, joy, and success. This is a story of how that boy turned man, lived with no excuses. This is my story, Chad Lambie

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Udgivet 2. maj 2021
ISBN13 9798746382009
Forlag Independently Published
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