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Yu Yu Hakusho


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Yu Yu Hakusho

Every episode of the Japanese anime based on the manga by Yoshihiro Togashi. After dying and returning to life, high school student Yusuke Urameshi (voice of Nozomu Sasaki) becomes a go-between for the spirit world and the real world, tasked with investigating supernatural activity and ridding the world of evil spirits. The episodes are: 'Surprised to Be Dead', 'Koenma Appears', 'Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men', 'Requirements for Lovers', 'Yusuke's Back', 'Three Monsters', 'Gouki and Kurama', 'The Three Eyes of Hiei', 'The Search Begins', 'Kuwabara's Spirit Sword', 'Hard Fights for Yusuke', 'Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls', 'Yusuke Vs Rando: 99 Attacks', 'The Beasts of Maze Castle', 'Genbu, the Stone Beast', 'Byakko, the White Tiger', 'Byakko's Lair', 'Seiryu, the Blue Dragon', 'Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts', 'Seven Ways to Die', 'Yusuke's Sacrifice', 'Lamenting Beauty', 'The Toguru Brothers Gang', 'The Deadly Triad', 'Kuwabara's Fight of Love', 'Toguru Returns', 'The Dark Tournament Begins', 'First Fight', 'Flowers of Blood', 'Dragon of the Darkness Flame', 'Stumbling Warrior', 'Knife Edge Death-Match', 'A Day in Waiting', 'Percentage of Victory', 'Glimpse Beneath the Mask', 'Ambition Destroyed: A Trial By Light', 'Master of Disguise', 'Kurama's Stand', 'Crushing Revenge', 'Jin, the Wind Master', 'Reverse Decisions', 'A Matter of Love and Death', 'The Masked Fighter Revealed', 'Yusuke's Final Test', 'Hiei Battles On', 'Many Faces, Many Forms', 'Legendary Bandit: Yoko Kurama', 'The Cape of No Return', 'Genkai's Strength', 'Suzuka's Challenge', 'Arch-Rivals', 'The Death of Genkai', 'Overcoming Grief', 'The Beginning of the End', 'The Beast Within', 'Yoko's Magic', 'Beneath Bui's Armour', 'Wielder of the Dragon', 'The Shadow of Elder Toguro', 'Sakyo's Proposal', 'Yusuke Vs Toguro', 'Toguro's Full Power', 'Yusuke's Despair', 'Toguro's Desire', 'Out With a Bang', 'Toguro's Wish', 'Return to Living World', 'Setting the Trap', 'The Power of Taboo', 'Genkai's Ruse', 'The Tunnel', 'The Reader', 'The Doctor's Disease', 'Sleep, Doctor, Sleep', 'Caught in the Rain', 'Kuwabara: Awakening', 'Sensui's Fall', 'Divide and Conquer', 'The Human Race', 'Moving Target', 'Let the Games Begin', 'If You Could Play Forever', 'Game Over', 'Kumara's Anger, Gourmet's Guest', 'Spirit Detective Showdown', 'The Difference Maker', 'Power Between Teeth', 'The True Face of Sensui', 'Death of a Spirit Detective', 'Attempting Revenge', 'Waking the Lost', 'The Proof', 'Sensui's End', 'Topside', 'Yusuke's Destiny', 'Three Strangers, Three Kings', 'Departing Living World', 'Return to Demon World', 'Haunted By the Past', 'The Secret of the Jagan', 'Reunion of the Bandits', 'Torn Between Identities', 'Inheritance', 'Every Demon for Himself', 'The Preliminaries', 'The Battle of Father and Son', 'The Demon World Tournament Beings', 'Farewell, Kurama', 'Love and War', 'A Reason to Fight', 'Closure' and 'To the Future'.

The OVAs 'Two Shot' and 'All Or Nothing' are also included.

Medie Film     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc) × 17
Udgivet 17. april 2023
EAN/UPC 5022366973342
Udgiver Crunchyroll MANB9733
Genre Animé
Mål 140 × 183 × 78 mm   ·   756 g
Spilletid 838:59:59
Region Region B   (Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and Oceania)
Sprog Japansk  
Undertekster Engelsk
Bemærk Varen har ikke undertekster på Dansk.

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