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Red Balloon

Red Balloon

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Red Balloon

Most of French director Albert Lamorisse's films celebrate the miracle of flight, but few were as a landmark as his 1956 short subject The Red Balloon. The story, told with a minimum of dialogue, concerns a little boy (played by the director's son Pascal) who comes across a helium-filled balloon. As he plays with his new acquisition, the boy discovers that the balloon seemingly has a mind of its own. The little red orb follows its new 'master' all through the streets of Paris, and then dogs the boy's trail into the schoolroom, which drives the teacher to comic distraction. Towards the end, it seems as though boy and balloon will be parted forever....but director Lamorisse has a delightful surprise in store for us.


Medie Film     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc)
Udgivet Polen, 18. januar 2010
EAN/UPC 5027626700546
Udgiver NETWORK AISR2670054BR
Genre Drama
Mål 81 g
Region Region 1   (Canada og USA) Region 2   (Europa)
Sprog Engelsk   Fransk  
Bemærk Vi har desværre ikke oplysninger om undertekster på denne vare.
Hovedmedvirkende Pascal Lamorisse
Skuespiller Pascal Lamorisse

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