Knight Rider - Complete Mini Series - Knight Rider Season 1 - Film - Fabulous Films - 5030697035639 - 11. april 2016
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Knight Rider - Complete Mini Series

Knight Rider Season 1

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Knight Rider - Complete Mini Series

Follow-up to the 1980s television series, set 25 years later. Mike Traceur (Justin Bruening) is now the driver of the modern day KITT (voice of Val Kilmer) which has now transformed into a Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang. Supported by Sarah Graiman (Deanna Russo), daughter of scientist Dr Charles Graiman (Bruce Davison), creator of both KITTs, Mike becomes the new leader of Knight Industries.

In series one Dr Graiman is killed and the NSA shuts down the KITT Project. Agent Torres (Yancey Arias) attempts to gain control by deactivating KITT and implementing KARR (a dangerous prototype). By way of holographic messages left by Dr Graiman, Mike and Sarah discover how to stop Agent Torres and make an attempt to reboot KITT before it's too late...

Episodes comprise; 'Knight Rider Feature Length Pilot', 'A Knight in Shining Armour', 'Journey to the Centre of the Knight', 'Knight of the Iguana', 'A Hard Day's Knight', 'Knight of the Hunter', 'Knight of the Living Dead', 'I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight', 'Knight of the Zodiac', 'Knight Fever', 'Don't Stop the Knight', 'Day Turns Into Knight', 'Knight to King's Pawn', 'Exit Light, Enter Knight', 'Flight Knight', 'Fly By Knight', 'Knight and the City' and 'I Love the Knight Life'.


Medie Film     DVD
Udgivet 11. april 2016
Oprindeligt udgivet 2008
EAN/UPC 5030697035639
Udgiver Fabulous Films FHED3508
Genre Action
Mål 138 × 192 × 17 mm   ·   140 g
Spilletid 12:07:00
Region Region 2   (Europa)
Lydformat Dolby Digital 5.1
Billedformat 1.78:1 WS (16:9 COD)
Sprog Engelsk  
Undertekster Engelsk Tysk Fransk Hollandsk
Bemærk Varen har ikke undertekster på Dansk.