127 Hours - 127 Hours - Film - Pathe - 5060002836958 - 6. juni 2011
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127 Hours

127 Hours

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127 Hours

Director Danny Boyle's action adventure traces the true story of trapped hiker Aron Ralston's fight for survival. Setting out alone and telling no-one where he's going, Ralston (James Franco) begins a hiking expedition in the mountains of Utah. Young, and with a zest for life, he takes rock-climbing in his stride, fearing nothing, and with a permanent smile on his face.

Soon after crossing paths with fellow hikers Kristi (Kate Mara) and Megan (Amber Tamblyn), however, Ralston becomes trapped in a remote canyon when a falling boulder crushes his arm. Over the following days, and with no-one to hear his calls, Ralston undergoes a gruelling fight for survival that tests his spirit to the limits, and ultimately decides whether he lives or dies.

Medie Film     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc)
Udgivet Polen, 6. juni 2011
EAN/UPC 5060002836958
Udgiver Pathe P926907080
Genre Drama
Mål 171 × 138 × 17 mm   ·   112 g
Spilletid 01:29:00
Region Region B   (Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and Oceania)
Sprog Engelsk  
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