Thundercats - The Complete Collection (Seasons 1&2) -  - Film - WARNER HOME VIDEO - 7321902248936 - 13. oktober 2008

Thundercats - The Complete Collection (Seasons 1&2)

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Thundercats - The Complete Collection (Seasons 1&2)

At the outset of this popular 1980s cartoon series, a planet (known as Thundera) in a far, far away universe is in trouble. Thundera's inhabitants are facing extinction due to the planet's structural instability and looming disintegration. While the planet's offspring (the Thundercats) are able to escape in one piece, their spacecraft is not so lucky. It's wrecked by evil mutants, and then it is up to Jaga, the group's eldest member, to risk his own life to ensure the safe arrival of the Thundercats in their new home--Third Earth. This release contains every episode from the first and second series.


Medie Film     DVD × 24
Udgivet 13. oktober 2008
EAN/UPC 7321902248936
Udgiver WARNER HOME VIDEO 1000086956
Genre Animation
Mål 135 × 190 × 94 mm   ·   979 g   (Estimeret vægt)
Region Region 2   (Europa)
Sprog Engelsk  
Undertekster Engelsk
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