Stefano Gervasoni: Pas Perdu - Ukho Ensemble Kyiv / Gaggero - Musik - WINTER & WINTER - 0025091024728 - 1. marts 2019
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Stefano Gervasoni: Pas Perdu

Ukho Ensemble Kyiv / Gaggero

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Stefano Gervasoni: Pas Perdu

A lost step is the start of a new path, as suggested implicitly in the French language, where a step and the negative are written and pronounced in the same way: »pas«. In other words: loss is not (only) disorientation, but the chance to find a new way, to establish a new point of view. This is why my homage to Luigi Gaggero may be considered the start of a suite for cimbalom, an instrument dear to me and used various times in my works, or, duly accompanied, one of the future movements of my work in progress, Gramigna, a concerto for cimbalon and ensemble, a first version of which, in four movements, has already been presented to the public.


Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Komponist/Instruktør Stefano Gervasoni
Udgivet 1. marts 2019
EAN/UPC 0025091024728
Udgiver WINTER & WINTER 9102472
Genre Classical
Mål 63 g
Dirigent Luigi Gaggero
Orkester Ukho Ensemble Kyiv
Solist Frank Worner