Nature Boy - Nils Landgren - Musik - ACT - 0614427993816 - 26. november 2021
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Nature Boy

Nils Landgren

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Nature Boy

A unique solo recording by Nils Landgren. Available as CD and LP.

"All the songs have a special meaning to me, whether they are songs I sang in church as a child or just picked them up on the way. One is even written by one of my ancestors, Israel Kolmodin. They present a side of me that is always there, but not always to be seen. I hope you like it." Nils Landgren


Medie Musik     VINYL     LP   (Vinyl)
Udgivet 26. november 2021
EAN/UPC 0614427993816
Udgiver ACT ACTLP99381
Genre Jazz
Mål 225 g

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