Digi Snacks - Rza As Bobby Digital - Musik - HHC RECORDS - 0706091203237 - 25. november 2022

Digi Snacks

Rza As Bobby Digital

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Digi Snacks

RZAs third solo effort under the Bobby Digital alias is presented on vinyl for the first time ever. Digi Snacks continues the story line from Digital Bullet (issued on vinyl for RSD 2022) and includes features from Inspectah Deck (among others). Though RZA handles the production on almost all cuts, he does pull in a few outside producers for an assist. Most notably David Banner for Straight Up The Block.

RZA describes the project as simply fun hip hopa perfect blend of reality, fiction, sci-fi and martial arts. Digi Snack debuts on vinyl for RSD Black Friday.

Medie Musik     VINYL     LP   (LP VINYL) × 2
Udgivet 25. november 2022
EAN/UPC 0706091203237
Genre Hip-hop
Mål 10 × 315 × 315 mm   ·   500 g

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