Singles Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) [original Motion Picture Soundtrack] - Singles / O.s.t. - Musik - ROCK / POP - 0889853155026 - 19. maj 2017

Singles Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) [original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Deluxe edition

Singles / O.s.t.

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Singles Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) [original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Deluxe edition

Sony Music celebrates the 25th anniversary of Cameron Crowe's groundbreaking romantic comedy, 'Singles', with the release of a newly expanded and remastered edition of the 'Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack'.

The bonus CD (included in both the 2LP and 2CD deluxe editions features previously unreleased recordings by Chris Cornell, Mike McCready, Mudhoney, and Paul Westerberg in addition to rarities such as Cornell's 1992 EP Poncier (debuting an early rendition of 'Spoonman') and tracks from the film not included on the original soundtrack from 1992.

The film 'Singles' and its soundtrack worked together to bring the underground Seattle music scene to the forefront of mainstream consciousness.

The album was among the first top-selling movie soundtracks of the 1990s to showcase new material from emerging contemporary bands.

The 2LP edition features the album's original 13 tracks newly mastered and freshly pressed across four sides of collectible 12" vinyl. The bonus CD of rarities and unreleased tracks (Disc 2 in the 2CD set) is included as a special insert in the 2LP 12" vinyl package.


Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc) × 2
Specielt cover Digipak
Udgivet 19. maj 2017
EAN/UPC 0889853155026
Udgiver ROCK / POP 88985315502
Genre Rock     Rock / Pop
Mål 142 × 125 × 12 mm   ·   108 g

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