Lovable - Blaue Blume - Musik - HFN RECORDS - 4250382439776 - 14. februar 2020


Blaue Blume

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Trentemøller mirrors the original's careful building up, adding new elements to fill in the song's sound, before

it collapses into a tough, noir disco groove. It's a perfectly realised remix - Trentemøller keeps the original

song's skeleton and soul, but fills in the space with sonic touches that could be no one else's but his. Ultimately,

it's a fitting song for hfn's hundredth release. For a label that's always been a platform for its boundarypushing

artists, a collaboration between two of them, that sees an already innovative song pushed into a bold

new shape is the perfect way for hfn to step into the next 100 releases..


Medie Musik     VINYL     LP   (LP VINYL)
Udgivet 14. februar 2020
EAN/UPC 4250382439776
Udgiver HFN RECORDS 425038243977
Genre Electronic
Mål 314 × 314 × 3 mm   ·   153 g

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