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Uk Tour '75

Thin Lizzy

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Uk Tour '75

Recorded on Friday 21st November 1975 at Derby College, featuring: Phil Lynott (Bass/Vocals), Scott Gorham (Lead Guitar), Brian Robertson (Lead Guitar) and Brian Downey (Drums).

The band had been on the road since August touring their new album 'Fighting' and this stunning show in an intimate setting, captures them at just months before breaking into the big time with the mega hit 1976 album 'Jailbreak'.

The show was mixed live on the night and gives a raw and electric feel. The original recording tapes were kept in amazing condition, transferred to CD and mastered under the band's supervision. This resulting album has been fully authorized by the band with liner notes from drummer: Brian Downey.

One of many highlights include an early version of 'Cowboy Song', a vibrant live version of their 1974 single 'Little Darling, A great live version of 'The Rocker' and of songs from the 'Nightlife' and 'Fighting' albums-never previously released live


Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Udgivet 21. august 2020
EAN/UPC 5050693208523
Udgiver RSK MLP16CD
Genre Rock
Mål 103 g

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