B-sides and Rarities - Beach House - Musik - BELLA UNION - 5414939962608 - June 30, 2017

B-sides and Rarities

Beach House

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B-sides and Rarities

This compilation contains every song Beach House has ever made that does not exist on one of their records. There are 14 songs in total.

The oldest song is 'Rain in Numbers' and was recorded in 2005, during the summer when they formed the band. They didn't have a piano, so they asked a friend if they could use his, which was pretty out of tune. Beach House used the mic that was on the four-track machine to record the piano and vocals. It was originally the secret song on the self-titled debut.

Sequentially, the next couple of songs are from late 2008. The Band was so excited about 'Used to Be,' that they recorded it right after writing it so that they could have it as a 7" single for the fall tour with the Baltimore Round Robin. Beach House recorded a cover of Queen's 'Play the Game' in the same session. It was for a charity compilation benefiting AIDS research and they will continue to donate all profits from the song to that charity. As fans of Queen, the band thought it would be fun and ridiculous to try to adapt their high-powered pop song into their realm. These songs were recorded at the same studio where the band made Devotion.



Media Music     LP   (LP VINYL)
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Edition Limited edition
Released June 30, 2017
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