Rough And Ready - Jeff Beck Group - Musik - MUSIC ON CD - 8718627223390 - 9. juni 2016
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Rough And Ready

Jeff Beck Group

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Rough And Ready

Released in 1971, this is the 3rd album of **The Jeff beck Group**, however the first in this particular formation including **Max Middleton, Cozy Powell, Clive Chaman** and **Bob Tench.** *"Rough and Ready"* confirms **Jeff Beck's** comeback after recovering from a near-fatal car accident. **Beck** wanted to go in a different direction and ended up with less rock and more R&B and jazzy soulfulness. Realizing it's not always necessary to implement vocals, his focus was more on his guitar melodies. Rough guitar playing and upbeat drums make this album a long lost gem, loved by jazz-lovers as well as rock fans!


Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Udgivet 9. juni 2016
Oprindeligt udgivet 1971
EAN/UPC 8718627223390
Udgiver MUSIC ON CD MOCCD13318
Genre Rock
Mål 81 g

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