Blakes 7 Series 1 - Blakes 7 S1 - Film - BBC - 5014503117627 - 1. marts 2004
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Blakes 7 Series 1

Blakes 7 S1

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Blakes 7 Series 1

The entire first season (remastered) of the 1970s BBC sci-fi series. In 'The Way Back' resistance fighter Roj Blake is found guilty of false charges and sentenced to imprisonment on Cygnus Alpha by the corrupt Federation. 'Space Fall' sees Blake and fellow prisoners Avon and Jenna escape from their prison shuttle and take possession of a mysterious spaceship, which they name the 'Liberator'.

'Cygnus Alpha' finds Blake attempting to rescue more prisoners from the planet Cygnus Alpha, which leads to him getting captured by the planet's ruler, Vargas. 'Time Squad' has Blake, Avon and Villa first ambushed, then helped, by the mysterious Cally. In 'The Web' telepathic members of Cally's race force her to lead the Liberator into a trap.

'Seek, Locate, Destroy' sees Cally taken prisoner by Blake's evil nemesis, Travis. 'Mission to Destiny' finds Blake and crew becoming involved in a murder case on board a crippled spaceship. 'Duel' has Blake and Travis forced to fight each other on an uncharted planet.

In 'Project Avalon' Travis plans to use a kidnapped revolutionary leader to trap and destroy Blake. 'Breakdown' sees Gan becoming unusually aggressive when the implant in his brain malfunctions. 'Bounty' finds Blake and Cally attempting to inspire a planet's president to help his own people.

'Deliverance' has the Liberator come to the aid of a crashed spaceship, whose single dying survivor begs them to find his father, Ensor. Finally, in 'Orac', Blake and crew find Ensor and obtain his super-computer invention.


Medie Film     DVD
Antal discs 1
Specielt cover Box set
Udgivet EU, 1. marts 2004
Oprindeligt udgivet 1978
EAN/UPC 5014503117627
Udgiver BBC BBCDVD1176
Genre Science Fiction
Mål 149 × 188 × 34 mm   ·   356 g
Spilletid 10:18:00
Region Region 2   (Europa)
Billedformat 4:3
Sprog Engelsk  
Bemærk Vi har desværre ikke oplysninger om undertekster på denne vare.
Filmfotograf Peter Chapman
Klipper/redaktør David Martin
Hovedmedvirkende Michael Keating
Hovedmedvirkende Paul Darrow
Producent David Maloney
Forfatter Terry Nation
Skuespiller Paul Darrow
Skuespiller Michael Keating
Skuespiller Jan Chappell
Skuespiller Peter Tuddenham
Skuespiller Gareth Thomas

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