About iMusic

iMusic has since 2005 grown rapidly and now process a 6-digit number of CDs, DVDs, books and vinyls on a yearly basis. Our rapid development has happened on a marked that competes with both downloads and more solid copies. We still see ourselves in rapid development as we in our line of business, technology, and not least in relation to our priority of customer service, are still willing to do our very best. In the beginning of 2010 iMusic was chosen as supplier under SKI's (Denmarks Purchase Service) agreements for delivery to libraries and schools. This resulted in the danish business-newspaper Børsen awarding us one of the prices as a Gazelle-company. New agreements has since been made and in 2012 we are now the main supplier of music for the libraries in Denmark.

A completely unique structure of the shop means that we can offer titles at low prices in spite of the enormous selection that we offer. Today we are amongst Europe's absolute largest with a selection of more than 3.720,000 titles! This is due to our webshop being updated in "real-time" with both national and international record/movie companies and suppliers which means something unusual for you - amongst others, that cheap items, stock, rarities and expired items, which are suddenly offered on the marked here and internationally - now instantly are being passed to you as a customer.

This means that you can search, browse and choose amongst more than 3.7 million titles, 24 hours a day. You can find items on sale and rarities which are now offered to you just as quickly as earlier when only the biggest companies had access to them but rarely decided to buy because the quantities were too small.

For titles at extraordinary low prices or real rarities, this means that you can now order items that might have been sold out or is not be available in the future or perhaps only exists in such a small quantity that they were sold out before the system was updated. This means however that it is always a good idea to react as soon as you find what you have been looking for.

It is our goal to be able to offer extreme amount of titles, including rarities that are only available few places in the world at competitive prices, also internationally

So enjoy and welcome at iMusic!