Some of Our Shadows Are Missing - Barry -local Heroes- Gibson - Musik - CHERRY RED - 5013929784406 - June 11, 2021

Some of Our Shadows Are Missing

Barry -local Heroes- Gibson

Some of Our Shadows Are Missing

Barry Gibson's LOCAL HEROES was a tribute band with a difference. Across three albums, they paid homage to the musical legacy of Britain's most successful instrumental combo, THE SHADOWS - only most of the musicians were actually ex-members! For their first album in 1996, One Of Our Shadows Is Missing, Barry called upon such talents as Jet Harris, Tony Meehan, Brian Bennett, Brian's son Warren, Brian 'Licorice' Locking, Clem Cattini, Albert Lee, Keith West and Hank Marvin's son Ben. Initial copies were sold at gigs; See For Miles then reissued the album with two bonus tracks and two alternative mixes. A later anniversary edition in 2006 added a further two tracks. Such was the response to the album that sequel was eventually commissioned in 2010: Two Of Our Shadows Are Missing. Once again, the likes of Jet Harris and Clem Cattini led an all-star cast, reinterpreting songs recorded by The Shadows or in their style. The CD paid tribute to Tony Meehan, who had died in 2005. After Jet Harris's sad passing in 2011, Barry was able to assemble a third album's worth of recordings, with some tracks featuring Jet, suitably entitled Three Of Our Shadows Are Missing. This triple-CD edition includes all three albums by Barry Gibson's LOCAL HEROES. Six additional tracks from the first album are present. As an extra treat for Shads fans everywhere, Some Of Our Shadows Are Missing also boasts four previously unreleased tracks recorded for a possible fourth album, 'James Bond Theme', 'Red Square', 'The Magnificent Seven' (featuring the late Brian Locking) and a new version of 'Alone'. The booklet for this new package includes a new foreword by Bruce Welch and detailed sleeve-notes from long-time Shadows admirer and expert Rob Bradford.



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Released June 11, 2021
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