Oratorio Per La Santissima Trinita - A. Scarlatti - Musik - BRILLIANT CLASSICS - 5028421955353 - 31/1-2018

Oratorio Per La Santissima Trinita

A. Scarlatti

Oratorio Per La Santissima Trinita

"Alessandro Scarlatti is a great man but his compositions are very difficult, in a theatre audience of a thousand people only 20 will understand them", thus said Count Francesco Zambeccari, an influential contemporary, and it is a testimony of the skill, complexity and depth of his rich music, a far cry from the facile and fashionable composers of his day. The Oratorio per la Santissima Trinita was composed in 1715, written at the mature age of 50, specifically intended for performance in Naples. The music is at the service of the "drama", in a musical action that flows almost without caesura, presenting the richness of Scarlatti's invention, always backed up by extremely in-depth knowledge of all the best

composition techniques of the long tradition of the Italian School. The manuscript of this substantial oratorio was recently found at an antique market in Italy, and was first edited and performed by the present conductor/scholar Estvan Velardi. The booklet contains extensive liner notes by a musicologist, as well as a detailed description of the music.

Media Music     CD   (Compact Disc)
Number of units × 2
Composer A. Scarlatti
Released 31/1-2018
EAN/UPC 5028421955353
Cat. no. BRLT95535.2
Genre Classical
Dimensions 142 125 12 mm
Weight 117 g
Conductor Estevan Velardi
Orchestra Stradella Consort