Mardi Gras in Mobile - L Craig Roberts - Bøger - History Press Library Editions - 9781540211880 - 12. januar 2015

Mardi Gras in Mobile

L Craig Roberts

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Mardi Gras in Mobile

Mardi Gras in Mobile began its carnival celebration years before the city of New Orleans was founded. In the 1700s, mystic societies formed in Mobile, such as the Societe de Saint Louis, believed to be the first in the New World. These curious organizations brought old-world traditions as they held celebrations like parades and balls with themes like Scandinavian mythology and the dream of Pythagoras. Today, more than 800,000 people annually take in the sights, sounds and attractions of the celebration. Historian and preservationist L. Craig Roberts, through extensive research and interviews, explores the captivating and charismatic history of Mardi Gras in the Port City.

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Udgivet 12. januar 2015
ISBN13 9781540211880
Forlag History Press Library Editions
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