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Welcome to Wok World

Annie Kate

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Welcome to Wok World

500 AMAZING Wok cooking recipes you need to enjoy the goodness of Chinese cuisine at home!
Chinese cuisine has a golden reputation across the world. Not only does it have a reputation of being delicious, it is also considered an art form in its own right. Therefore, Chinese delicacies are often very expensive. Despite paying a lot of money, you're not sure about the quality. In addition, if you want to enjoy some Chinese dishes, you have to travel a long way to go to a Chinese restaurant.
It's troublesome, right?
Now, thanks to this cookbook, everything has changed!
Only with a simple Wok together with 500 AMAZING Wok cooking recipes can you prepare great Chinese cuisine in many different ways such as: stir frying, steaming, smoking, deep frying, etc. In addition, from now on
You don't need to: Spend top of dollar on luxury Chinese restaurant anymore. Worry about quality of delivered Chinese anymore. Rack your brains every single day for a great meal. Buy a lot of cooking equipment. Worry about combining veggies and meat in delicious way. ....
With some part listed below, my cook book called "Welcome to Wok World" will make your cooking easier, quicker, happier but still delicious and eye-catching: Chapter 1: How To Use A Wok Chapter 2: How To Cook With A Wok In Different Ways Chapter 3: Beef Recipes Chapter 4: Chicken Recipes Chapter 5: Chinese Recipes Chapter 6: Fish and Seafood Chapter 7: Italian Recipes Chapter 8: Noodles Recipes Chapter 9: Pork and Lamp Recipes Chapter 10: Rice Dishes Chapter 11: Soups Chapter 12: Thai Recipes Chapter 13: Vegetarian Recipes Chapter 14: More Wok Recipes
Don't hesitate anymore. Let's scroll down to unlock more and more secrets to become a Chinese master chef! Enjoy the very best,
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Udgivet 19. november 2016
ISBN13 9781540575227
Forlag Createspace Independent Publishing Platf
Antal sider 540
Mål 152 × 229 × 28 mm   ·   712 g
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