Sangit-Shri-Ramayan, Volume 2 of Sangit-Shri-Krishna-Ramayan, Hindi-Sanskrit-English - Ratnakar Narale - Bøger - PC Plus Ltd. - 9781897416815 - 16. september 2016
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Sangit-Shri-Ramayan, Volume 2 of Sangit-Shri-Krishna-Ramayan, Hindi-Sanskrit-English

Ratnakar Narale

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Sangit-Shri-Ramayan, Volume 2 of Sangit-Shri-Krishna-Ramayan, Hindi-Sanskrit-English

World's first Opera-musical Style epic mega poem of Sangit-Shri-Krishna-Ramayan is composed in 233 musical short stories of Shri Krishna Kanhaiya, Yogeshvara Shri Krishna, Shri Rama Chandra and Vir Hanuman. The stories are composed in 5205 Chaupais, 7068 Dohas, 501 Chhandas, 2422 Shlokas and 765in 233 short stories, plus their side stories, illustrating the wonderful, emotive, amusing, inspirational, educational and divine deeds of Shri Krishn Brand New, all original, devotional, inspirational, spiritual, ethical, joyful and lovely Songs composed in 50 Raags along with their Harmonium notations for the devotees, music lovers and music learners. The stories in this poem are ornate with Geets, Bhajans, Aaris, Kirtans, Chhandas and Ghazals to colorfully depict the divine events. You will not find such lovely, sweet, systematic and musical description of Krishna and Rama's stories elsewhere, for this is a novel concept. They are also narrated and transliterated in English, for those readers who can not read Devanagari and those who enjoy English. If you read this poem with faith and patience, you will be enlightened with spiritual knowledge and wisdom that will strengthen you life long. It is more than a poem. It is truly an ocean of wealth for film, animation and documentary makers; dance, drama and music schools; temples, Pravachankars, devotees, linguists, musicians, readers, poets, poetry lovers and knowledge seekers. For convenience, the original 7x9" 4-volume 2000page epic manuscript is presented here in compact 2 volumes, landscape, double column, 8.5x11" layout. This treasure should be in every library, temple, house and every collection. In this poetry you will notice the glimpses of Vyasa, Valmiki and Kalidas's immortal poetic styles. It is not just any poetic work, it is a thoroughly mapped serious research work. Such scholarly and educational musical literary epic mega work may never be created again.

Medie Bøger     Hardcover bog   (Bog med hård ryg og stift omslag)
Udgivet 16. september 2016
ISBN13 9781897416815
Forlag PC Plus Ltd.
Antal sider 912
Mål 216 × 280 × 48 mm   ·   2,37 kg
Sprog Hindi  

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