Stabilizer - GOLD - (80 x 40 mm) - 416 G. - Audio Anatomy - Audio & HiFi - Audio Anatomy - 9003829971521 -

Stabilizer - GOLD - (80 x 40 mm) - 416 G.

Audio Anatomy

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Stabilizer - GOLD - (80 x 40 mm) - 416 G.

Available in black, silver, red, gold // Improved contact between the vinyl disc and the stylus // Avoidance of vibrations // Universal size suitable for all turntables // Made of aluminium (416 grams) in ergonomic shape

The Audio Anatomy Vinyl Record Stabilizer is an indispensable accessory for any vinyl lover, who is looking for the best possible sound reproduction. The 416 grams of aluminium make sure, that the vinyl record maintains an ideal position when turning and that disturbances caused by vibrations are avoided. The universal size fits all turntables and the stylish colour combinations make all of the stabilizers an eye-catcher.

Medie Audio & HiFi     Vinyltilbehør   (Tilbehør til vinyl)
EAN/UPC 9003829971521
Udgiver Audio Anatomy
Mål 420 g

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