The Third Man - Third Man the BD - Film - Studio Canal (Optimum) - 5055201828484 - 20. juli 2015
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The Third Man

Third Man the BD

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The Third Man

Classic thriller written by Graham Greene and starring Orson Welles in which a writer sets about investigating the death of a friend in post-World War II Vienna. Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten), a pulp Western writer, arrives in the Austrian capital expecting to take up a job with his old acquaintance, Harry Lime (Welles). When he is informed that Lime died a week previously in a car accident, Martins is intrigued by inconsistencies in the accounts of the death and decides that he can't leave the city without investigating matters further.

As a consequence, he finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue and searching for the elusive 'third man' who was at the scene of Lime's death. When the head of the local military police, Major Calloway (Trevor Howard), informs him that Lime was involved in black market drug distribution, the plot thickens even further...


Medie Film     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc)
Antal discs 2
Udgivet Polen, 20. juli 2015
EAN/UPC 5055201828484
Udgiver Studio Canal (Optimum) OPTBD2811
Genre Thriller
Mål 138 × 173 × 17 mm   ·   92 g
Spilletid 01:40:00
Region Region B   (Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and Oceania)
Lydformat Dolby Digital 2.0 PCM STEREO
Billedformat 4:3
Sprog Engelsk  
Undertekster Engelsk
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