Pyromania - Def Leppard - Musik - EMI - 0602557773620 - 6. maj 2022


Def Leppard

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The album that launched the band into Rock legends was released in 1983; it was the first to feature Phil Collen who had replaced Pete Willis. It contains the hits Photograph and Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) both huge singles all over the world.

It reached no 2 in the US charts and has been certified Platinum over there and put the band into arenas all over the world.


Medie Musik     VINYL     LP   (LP VINYL)
Udgivet 6. maj 2022
EAN/UPC 0602557773620
Udgiver EMI 060255777362
Genre Metal     Heavy Metal
Mål 31 × 315 × 31 mm   ·   225 g

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