100 Hits - Club Classics - V/A - Musik - VME - 0654378701627 - 29. september 2008

100 Hits - Club Classics

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100 Hits - Club Classics


Medie Musik     CD   (Compact Disc) × 5
Specielt cover Box set
Udgivet 29. september 2008
EAN/UPC 0654378701627
Udgiver VME DMG100016
Genre Electronic     Dance
Mål 272 g   (Estimeret vægt)


  1. 1.   CD  

    1. Bob Sinclarfeaturing Steve Edwards -world Hold on (Children
    2. Roger Sanchez -another Chance
    3. David Guettavs. the Egg -love Don't Let Me Go
    4. Martin Solveig-everybody
    5. DJ Sammy -sunlight (Radio Edit)
    6. Uniting Nations -you & Me
    7. Hi_tack-let's Dance
    8. Boogie Pimps -the Music in Me (Radio Edit)
    9. Jakattafeaturing Seal -my Vision
    10. Cabin Crew -star to Fall (Uniting Nations Club Mix)
    11. Deepest Blue -give It Away (Club Mix)
    12. Danzel-pump It Up (Radio Edit)
    13. Angel City Featuring Lara Mcallen -love Me Right
    14. Tom Novy& Lima -take It (Closing Time) (Radio Edit)
    15. Hoxtonwhores -friday Saturday Love
    16. Armand Van Helden-witch Doktor
    17. Paul Johnson -she Got Me on (Radio Edit)
    18. Hatiras-spaced Invader
    19. Weekend Players -21st Century
    20. Mr Oizo-flat Beat
  2. 2.   CD  

    1. Jean Jaque Smoothie-2 People (Original Radio Mix)
    2. Zombie Nation -kernkraft400
    3. Atb -9pm (Till I Come)
    4. Jessy-look at Me Now
    5. Steve Mac vs. Mosquito Featuring Steve Smith -lovin' You Mor
    6. Soul Central Featuring Kathy Brown -strings of Life (Stronge
    7. Ian Van Dahl -castles in the Sky (Radio Edit)
    8. Bomfunkmcs -free Styler (Radio Edit)
    9. Dance Nation -move Your Love (Radio Edit)
    10. Fish Go Deep & Tracey K -the Cure & the Cause
    11. Mason -quarter
    12. Kings of Tomorrow -finally
    13. Starchaser-love Will Set You Free (Jambemyth)
    14. Sunkidsfeaturing Chance -rise Up
    15. Supafly-moving to Fast (Radio Edit)
    16. Lost Witness -happiness Happening
    17. Les Rythmesdigitales-jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
    18. Sneaker Pimps-spin Spinsugar (Armandsdark Garage Mix)
    19. Fatboyslim -right Here, Right Now
    20. Jack Rokkavs. Betty Boo -take off
  3. 3.   CD  

    1. Wink -higher State of Consciousness
    2. Shamen-move Any Mountain (Beat Edit)
    3. Baby D -(everybody's Got to Learn Sometimes) I Need Your Lov
    4. Snap vs. Plaything -do You See the Light
    5. Dahool-meet Her at the Love Parade
    6. Robert Miles -children (Radio Edit)
    7. The Grid -swamp Thing
    8. Cola Boy -7 Ways to Love
    9. Bomb the Bass -beat Dis
    10. De'lacy-that Look (Hani'sclub Look Edit)
    11. Sleazesisterswith Vicki Shephard-let It Whip Up
    12. Alex Party -read My Lips
    13. Rozalla-are You Ready to Fly?
    14. Urban Cookie Collective -the Key, the Secret
    15. Soulsearcher-can't Get Enough
    16. Powerhouse Featuring Duane Harden -what You Need
    17. T-empo-saturday Night, Sunday Morning
    18. Agnelli& Nelson -everyday
    19. Loleattaholloway -love Sensation 06 (Hi_tack Burnin' Up Radi
    20. Phats& Small -feel Good
  4. 4.   CD  

    1. Chicane -saltwater
    2. David Morales -how Would U Feel
    3. Joey Negro -make a Move on Me (Club Mix / Dub Mix)
    4. Paffendorf-be Cool
    5. Chanel-my Life (Haji& Emanuel Vocal Mix)
    6. Axwell-feel the Vibe (Till the Morning After)
    7. Ken Doh-nakasaki (I Need a Lover Tonight)
    8. Afro Medusa -pasilda
    9. A.t.f.c. Presents Onephatdeeva-in and out of My Life
    10. Mishmash -speechless (Radio Edit)
    11. Paris Avenue Featuring Robin -onei Want You
    12. Lost Witness -red Sun Rising
    13. Dsk -what Would We Do
    14. Lazard-living on Video
    15. Sunscreem-pressure Us
    16. The B15 Project Featuring Crissyd & Lady G -girls Like Us
    17. De Souza Featuring Shena-guilty
    18. Yves Larock-rise Up (Radio Edit)
    19. DJ Jose -steppinto the Beat (Radio Edit)
    20. Norman Bass -how U Like Bass (Radio Edit)
  5. 5.   CD  

    1. Bob Sinclar-i Feel for You
    2. Alibi vs. Rockefella-sexual Healing (Freemasons Radio Edit)
    3. Tomcraft-brainwashed (Call You)
    4. Paul Gardner & Hugh Gunnell-free Love 2006
    5. Static Revenger-happy People
    6. Stellar Project Featuring Brandi Emma -get Up Stand Up
    7. Blockster-grooveline
    8. Switch -a Bit Patchy
    9. So Solid Crew -oh No (Sentimental Things)
    10. Turbofunk-gottamove
    11. Tykenfeaturing Awa -every Word (Vocal Club Mix)
    12. W.o.s.p -getting' into U (Original Dub Mix)
    13. Wonderland Avenue -white Horse
    14. Frankie Knuckles -your Love
    15. Ralphirosario Featuring Xavier Gold -you Used to Hold Me
    16. Farley 'jackmaster' Jack Featuring Darryl Pandy-love Can't T
    17. Joe Smooth -promised Land
    18. Marshall Jefferson -move Your Body
    19. Mr Fingers -can You Feel It
    20. The Housemaster Boyz& the Rude Boyzof House -house Nation

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