Reject Remove Replace - Stone Cadaver - Musik - LongLife Records - 5710261062550 - 12. maj 2017

Reject Remove Replace

Stone Cadaver

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Reject Remove Replace

"I can't recommend this highly enough (...) Stoner just doesn't come this good." - Powerplay Magazine

"(...) alt i alt kan jeg sgu kun give mine varmeste anbefalinger til denne lille perle af et album" -

"(...) undoubtedly (...) one of my favorite pieces of local vinyl released this year." - Sound Of Aarhus

"The trio is actually one of the few bands in the genre that really fascinates me at the moment" -

"(...) Stone Cadaver and their Reject Remove Replace are a highly recommended option" - The Headbanging Moose



The long awaited debut album from Danish underground stoners STONE CADAVER.

The album was, for all intents and purposes, recorded live in the studio and crystalizes the band's heavy and dirty 70s inspired sound.

Songs such as "Hands Of Death", "Sscum" and the instrumental "Ruins In The Sand" testify to a heightened focus on the interplay between tempo changes and groovy riffing, elements which have played a major role in the bands music from the onset.

The album comprises the band's most focused material to date and can best be described as a bubbling magic potion brewed from catchy, distorted up tempo riffs with a few pinches of doomy grooves.

"We tried", explains singer and guitarist Anders B. Nielsen, "to create an album like in the old days. You know, one that you'll want to listen to from beginning to end. In this regard, you could call it a concept album, the concept being a unified, musical whole."

The album was recorded and produced by Torben Egebjerg (Magnified Eye) and STONE CADAVER, mixed by Stefan Krey (Gas Giant, Alkymist), co-engineered by Mikael Larsen and mastered by James Plotkin (Electric Wizard).

Medie Musik     VINYL     LP   (LP VINYL)
Komponist/Instruktør Stone Cadaver
Udgivet 12. maj 2017
EAN/UPC 5710261062550
Udgiver LongLife Records LLR 1705
Genre Rock     Stoner Rock / Stoner Metal / Stoner Doom
Mål 140 g

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