2 Hype - Kid 'n Play - Musik - SELECT - 0706091201592 - 25. november 2022

2 Hype

Kid 'n Play

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2 Hype

For a certain generation of hip-hop fans, just the mention of Kid n Play brings on a wave of nostalgia. The group released three full length albums between 1988 and 1991 with a focus on positive lyrics and pop-friendly production. The success of the groups music led to countless House Party films (well, some have counted), a Saturday morning cartoon show and even a series of comic books for Marvel (so yes, technically speaking, Kid n Play are part of the Marvel Universe).

It all started here on 1988s 2 Hype which features Do The Kid 'n Play Kick Step (the musical accompaniment to their trademark dance), Rollin With Kid n Play which hit #11 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart and of course Kid's now classic hi-top fade haircut, which measured up to over six inches high at its peak. Producer Hurby Luv Bug Azor, instrumental in the success of Salt-N-Pepa, was certainly a factor and the full length went on to Billboard Top 200 and RIAA certified gold status.

Unavailable on vinyl for decades, Select Records presents 2 Hype in a colored vinyl pressing exclusive to RSD Black Friday.

Medie Musik     VINYL     LP   (LP VINYL)
Udgivet 25. november 2022
EAN/UPC 0706091201592
Udgiver SELECT SELE8510
Genre Hip-hop
Mål 5 × 315 × 315 mm   ·   300 g

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